Historically contemporary!

Old forms restaged

French porcelain door handles and knobs

Door sets in white and black porcelain for room doors or WC doors

Door fittings with French flair

The rotating olive-shaped porcelain knobs are familiar from French country houses. However, fittings with porcelain handles - delicate and slender in appearance - were and still are style-defining in France.

The porcelain door fittings are manufactured in Limoges, a small French town in the north-west of the Massif Central. Limoges became famous above all for its porcelain production, as the area has a high deposit of koalin, which is the main component of porcelain.
Thus, the first porcelain factories were established in 1771 and even today more than half of French porcelain comes from Limoges. Until the 19th century, the French court was also supplied with porcelain.

The door sets are rather delicately proportioned by German standards. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry about durability. The porcelain is fired at very high temperatures and, as so-called "hard porcelain", is resistant. The nickel-plated brass parts are turned from a solid piece and then milled. Available in unlacquered brass or silver-coloured nickel-plated surfaces.

Porcelain is an indispensable part of the bathroom - we also offer fittings for bathroom doors or toilet doors. The bathroom fittings are fitted with a small porcelain turning bolt on the inside - the Escutcheon or porcelain panel has a small hole on the outside. If necessary, the turning bolt can then be operated from the outside with a small screwdriver.

Depending on your personal preference, you can choose between black, white and ivory-coloured porcelain handles or knobs. Whether you opt for a door set with Escutcheons or a door set with Backplates, here, too, it is entirely up to your personal taste.