Iron Foot Scraper for Outdoor Use

Iron foot scrapers for floor or wall mounting

Exterior shoe scraper - the useful helper at the garden door

Many years ago, shoe scrapers, shoe scrapers or shoe travellers - also known as Scharryse in southern regions - were a natural and useful object in front of every entrance area. The shoe scraper was made of iron, more or less decorated, and was found at almost every entrance door.

In the meantime, however, it has become a relic from the times when access routes to the house were not yet fully mounted. Firmly anchored in the floor or wall, it symbolised cleanliness and tidiness inside the house in a pragmatic way.

And yet: even if the shoe scraper has lost its significance for outside the house, it still proves to be a useful detail when accessing garden or workshop rooms, for example, when gardening is carried out in inclement weather.

Our two cast iron models are classic replicas of our original models, which we have manufactured in an iron foundry in the Czech Republic. The wrought iron shoe scrapers are still made by hand by a local blacksmith on site.