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Hexagonal Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Hexagonal tiles in various formats and colours

Monochrome surface design - it's all about the shape!

If you want to bring the charm of the early 20th century into your home, the special geometric shape of the tiles makes it easy to do so.

Sixagon tiles virtually design themselves - if you want a uniform colour scheme for the floor but still want to achieve vibrancy, then hexagon tiles could be the tiles of choice. They enliven without being obtrusive and create a very special spatial effect.

These porcelain stoneware tiles are fired at high temperatures and are extremely robust and resilient. They are ceramic tempered - i.e. already sealed and impregnated. During the firing process, the coating is inseparably bonded to the ceramic body. The result is an elegant, silky matt sheen with an intense colour effect.

Thanks to the surface coating, these tiles - like all our porcelain stoneware tiles in the CLASSIC series - are easy to clean and no special maintenance care is required. Ideal for heavy-duty bathroom floors, shower walls or kitchen splashbacks. Also popular in busy entrance areas and hallways that need a simple yet special touch.
Fine stoneware tiles in hexagonal format are as practical as they are stylish!