Cement Floor Tiles Series »VIA«

Cement tiles with elaborate designs in various sizes, colours and shapes

Zementfliesen mit Dekor Ausdrucksstarke Dekorplatten mit traditionellen oder zeitlosen Motiven

Cement floor Tiles with Decor

Expressive decorative tiles with traditional or timeless motifs

Zementfliesen unifarben Unifarbene Platten mit leicht changierenden Farben in verschiedenen Formaten

Unicoloured Cement Tiles

Unicoloured tiles with slightly iridescent colours in various formats

Zementfliesen mit Relief Charakteristische Riffelplatten, unifarben oder gemustert, in verschiedenen Formaten

Cement Floor Tiles with Relief

Characteristic ribbed tiles, unicoloured or patterned, in various formats

Zementfliesen als Rand- und Eckfliesen Bordürenfliesen mit zwei- oder mehrfarbiger Ornamentik in verschiedenen Formaten

Cement Edge and Corner Tiles

Border tiles with two- or multi-coloured ornamentation in various formats

Zementfliesen als Sockelfliesen Unifarbene Lamperiefliesen mit gerundeter Kante in vielen Farben

Cement Tiles for Skirting

Unicoloured lamperie tiles with rounded edges in many colours

Zubehör für VIA-Zementfliesen Verbrauchsmaterialien für Verlegung, Imprägnierung und Unterhaltspflege

Accessories for VIA Cement Tiles

Consumables for laying, impregnation and maintenance care

Floor tiles with history and tradition

Cement tiles have been around since the mid-19th century. They were mainly used in the Mediterranean region and can still be admired there in many places today. Cement tiles create a very special room atmosphere thanks to their variety of patterns, their slightly iridescent colours and their pleasant feel.

By combining Unicoloured Tiles and decorative tiles, entire tile carpets can be created in the room. There are matching corners and Borders for the mosaic and Decor Tiles, making it possible to adapt even complex room structures.

The selection offers suitable decors for every taste and purpose - from simple geometric to multi-coloured ornamental. The stylistic range is just as broad and covers Historicism, Art Nouveau and Art Deco.