Traditional design!

Living like in the old days...

Cement floor Tiles Series »FINA«

Multicoloured finely ornamented mosaic tiles and unicoloured tiles in the format 14 x 14 cm

Plain Cement Tiles 14 x 14 cm

Small-format unicoloured floor tiles with slightly iridescent colours

Cement Tiles with Decor 14 x 14 cm

Small-format decorative tiles with fine traditional ornamentation


Consumables for impregnation and maintenance care

Small-format Cement Floor Tiles with flair

These small-format tiles were originally mainly used in northern France and Belgium. Many of them can still be admired there in their original form today. They are characterised by filigree, finely drawn ornamentation.

Patterned Cement Floor Tiles have given the living rooms of smart townhouses their special character for generations. If you want to capture the flair of bygone times or set special accents in new builds: With these tiles, even smaller rooms or entrance areas become a special piece of jewellery in the house.

These small-format tiles can be laid over the entire surface. Alternatively, you can also choose Unicoloured tiles in matching colours to even out the edges. The tiles then appear framed and the ornament does not need to be cut.

Ornamented tiles look best when they are laid with the smallest possible joint. Subsequent impregnation is essential to prevent soiling and the penetration of liquids. Once impregnated, only water and soft soap are required for further maintenance care