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Cement Floor Tiles Series »BREDA«

Mosaic tiles with delicate ornamentation in standard format 20 x 20 cm

A classic tiled floor like a hundred years ago

Ornamented cement tiles conquered the world of tiles at the end of the 19th century. They were easier and cheaper to produce than ceramic tiles. The possibilities for designing motifs were almost endless. Cement tiles were soon exported all over the world, as far away as Cuba and Vietnam.

The BREDA series stands for tradition. These Cement Floor Tiles in the standard 20 x 20 cm format with their delicate ornamentation are a defining design element in the kitchen, bathroom or living room - a truly extraordinary and impressive floor!

Ornamented tiles look their best when they are laid with as few joints as possible. Subsequent impregnation is essential to prevent soiling and the penetration of liquids. Once impregnated, only water and soft soap are required for further maintenance.