Letter plate brass PLANO

Brass letter flap for the front door

The letter flap in the door - a traditional and timeless architectural detail.
The PLANO letter flap made of solid brass has a simple shape and can be adapted to a wide variety of styles. Various surface finishes offer a wide range of design options in terms of appearance.
It goes without saying that the inside opening of the letter flap is DIN A4-compatible and complies with current standards.

The letter slot is equipped with a rain rim, which also makes it easy to handle. When opened, the inlay turns outwards and inwards in the centre. The flap then protrudes approx. 44 mm in the swivelling area.

The letter slot flap is fastened by screwing from the inside. It is recommended that the milling and drilling of the door is not carried out until the item is delivered, as minimal changes to the specified dimensions are possible due to the cooling process during production. Please take this into account!

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