Historically contemporary!

Old forms restaged

Unicoloured Tiles 15 x 15 cm

Tiles with semi-transparent and opaque glazes in numerous colour nuances

Art Nouveau tiles in plain colours - it's all in the glaze!

Art Nouveau tiles are extraordinarily brilliant and deep in colour.These tiles are traditionally manufactured in a German factory just as they were a hundred years ago.

Tiles with a vibrant play of colours

No two tiles are the same. The Art Nouveau tiles are glazed by hand and the kilns are also loaded by hand. As the glazes become thin during firing, but the blanks are never completely horizontal, the molten glaze moves and forms thicker and thinner layers. This creates a lively surface with a beautiful play of colours within the tile and within the batch. Some glazes show a stronger and some a less pronounced play of colours.

Tiles with craquelure typical of the time

The tiles also get their special brilliance and depth of colour from the fine glaze cracks. They form during cooling after firing and during laying in contact with moist mortar.
The craquelure does not reduce the durability of the tiles, as the glaze is firmly bonded to the hard, dense substrate. A few Coloured glazes are designed without craquelure, i.e. with an opaque glaze.

Tiles in an extraordinary variety of colours

We offer the tiles in over 70 different shades. We usually keep them in stock in small quantities, so you can order individual tiles to choose a colour. We would like to point out that there may still be minimal colour deviations from the sample tile.