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Prices, VAT, delivery information, packaging and shipping costs

Prices and value-added tax

Our prices include the current German VAT of 19% and are calculated ex works, plus packaging and forwarding.

Delivery Information

We deliver our goods regularly to all European countries (EC and non-EC) and also overseas. Please understand that we first have to reassure the delivery time and conditions with our carrier when delivering especially to non-EC countries.

Packaging and shipping

Replicata sells very different components, from the 20-gram small iron hooks up to several hundred kilograms heavy, cast-iron spiral staircases. Just as diverse as our product range are our packaging and shipping costs (unfortunately).

We work with a combined system of lump sums and item-related shipping costs. Important for you to know: For each article we point out whether it will be shipped within the scope of our lump sum or if shipping costs are item-related.

Let’s start simply: shipping lump sums

We have three shipping lump sums EUR 6.80, EUR 12.80 and EUR 25.00. If your cart contains only products that we ship to these rates, we will charge packaging and shipping with the highest rate calculated by the shopping cart. Almost all parcel sized products are covered with this kind of shipping.

More elaborate: Pieces related packaging and shipping costs

We offer a not entirely small number of products, which are large, heavy, long, fragile, or in the worst case have all the before mentioned characteristics together and that can not be put in a parcel with a little cushion. The packaging and shipping of these products is in most cases not covered through the delivery lump sums, but reported and billed separately with a piece related surcharge.

Transparent designation of costs

We calculated the corresponding packaging and shipping costs for each position of your shopping card and identify them at every item. We add up all the items for you and summarise the individual types of packaging and shipping costs again.

Countries outside the EU

For countries outside the EU, we offer packing and shipping costs always individually, thus we cannot offer mandatory ordering for your cart at the moment. After clicking the “Get Quote”-Button you will obtain from us a binding offer including packaging and shipping costs.

We assure you that we choose the best type of packaging and shipping for you.

Should the shipping costs calculated by the system exceed EUR 300, -, we will calculate an individual offer for packaging and shipping of your order and provide you with this offer with our order confirmation. In most cases – but not always – it will be lower than the offer calculated by the system.

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